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YAC quickly and effectively scans and fixes your PC, protecting it from a wide range of threats
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20 November 2014

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In a world where Internet is often our primary source of information interchange, browsers have become our window to the world. Typically we set a default homepage in our browsers which shows up every time we launch the web browser. Now if your browser is hijacked you may find the default homepage getting changed to a webpage which you have never wished to visit. You may also find suspicious plug-ins getting added to the browser on its own. Many plain vanilla antivirus applications are not fully competent in dealing with incidents of browser hijacking and you need specialized tools like the YAC 4.9.61 application to tackle such situations.

On launch the YAC 4.9.61 application sports a rather neat light hued screen with the primary options placed in the left pane. Besides helping you deal with browser hijacking and malware payloads that piggyback on your browser, it can also help you optimize your system. Essentially it comes loaded with an array of functions from disk cleanup to registry fixes. The tool can help you get rid of unused or delinked file components, redundant registry entries, temporary internet files etc in a matter of seconds. Further the tool comes with a specialized scan to detect and remove adware that affect your web browsing experience. It also is equipped with a recovery feature which can be called in case of a contingency. Now if you experience that your PC has been getting slow due to a bunch of programs being initiated at startup, you can get this application to sort out the mess. It incidentally can also be used to keep an eye on network activities and it can flag any suspicious processes.

After running the YAC 4.9.61 application, we find that it comes rather handy in removing irritants like unsolicited browser plug-ins and other malware. We mark it with a score of three ratings stars on account of the comprehensive browser protection it offers.

Publisher's description

YAC (also known as Yet Another Cleaner/YAC PC Cleaner) is an excellent software for PC maintenance and optimization. It is a rich suite of tools which is free and multilingual. This small utility can quickly and effectively scan and fix your PC, and purge it of annoying or dangerous malware, adware, cookies and browser plug-ins. It also checks and optimizes the Registry for faster startups and smoother overall operation, and frees storage space by removing seldom-used applications. Easy to use: provides user-friendly and modern-looking UI leading to a smooth operation. After a quick installation, YAC assesses the health of your PC and allows you to fix detected issues with a single click. Fast operation: rapidly scans and repairs your PC to protect it from a wide range of threats. Ad Block -- When you surf internet, you may see annoying advertisements. The Ad block function provided in YAC can help you get rid of all annoying advertisement, and provide you with a clean and pure on-line surfing experience. More powerful premium features -- A premium version is a paid one, offering you a better Anti-malware protection service, as well as a more customized user experience. By using YAC, you can remove browser hijackers, and configure homepage settings and search settings. In the "Home" tab, you can implement analysis for fast optimization of your PC, enable and disable home page protection, and speed up your computer. With YAC, you can simply detect the virus and adware in the function tabs "Virus Detection" and "Adware Cleanup". Examining any installed plugins and detecting any potentially dangerous or malicious apps, YAC helps you remove them as required. The System Boost option can speed up your PC through optimization of the processes running automatically in Windows startup, as well as memory adjustment and Internet connection settings.
Version 5.6.100
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